Online Retreat: Uncontrived Mindfulness

I’m delighted to be running an online retreat for Order Members and Mitras in Triratna. You need to have been meditating for a minimum of 3 years.

This will be a meditation retreat introducing a way of working with awareness as a path to insight. We’ll emphasise the power of receptivity where we can be present to experience without the strong pull of our ‘desires and discontents’.¬†As well as focusing on the qualities of awareness and right view we’ll also investigate the skandhas that make up our experience of body and mind.

The heart of the Satipatthana Sutta (the Buddha’s primary teaching on mindfulness & wisdom) is very simple and, for me, it comes down to awareness and right view. The approach offered during this week cultivates a quality of mind and heart that is natural and uncontrived. This means it’s very flexible and particularly suited to carrying awareness through to the fullness of daily life as well as times of formal practice.

There will be input and led meditations daily, with some spaces left for your own meditation practice. The evenings will be taken up with simple rituals and meditation.

I will lead the retreat with some help from team members. Depending on numbers we hope to offer meditation reviews.

The retreat will run from 25th September starting Friday evening at 7.30pm BST and ending on Thursday 1st October at 9pm.

There will be three sessions a day: 10.30-12.30, 5-6pm & 8-9pm from Saturday to Thursday inclusive.

The retreat is offered on a dana basis. There will be an opportunity to give dana during the retreat.

You can book here


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