Teaching dates



21st and 22nd September: The Beautiful Mind, a non-residential weekend retreat at Cardiff Buddhist Centre.



27th September to 4th October: The Beautiful Mind – meditation week. At Rivendell Retreat Centre, Sussex.



26th & 27th October: The Bed & Breakfast Retreat. The Unreliable Witness. A weekend for Order Members, Mitras and experienced regulars. At Shrewsbury Buddhist Centre. Contact BnB.stbc@gmail.com


20th to 29th December: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Metta Vihara, Netherlands.




2020 Dates

9th to 15th February Pathways to the Beautiful Mind. At The Barn on Sharpham Estate in Devon.



28th February to 6th March: Awareness to Wisdom. At Dhanakosa retreat centre, Scotland.



13th to 21st March: When Awareness Becomes Natural. Vajradevi & Alexis Santos. A vipassana retreat in a delightfully quirky Inn in south western Finland.

Silent Insight Meditation Retreat 13.-21.3.2020 in Kruusila, Finland: Alexis Santos and Vajradevi


17th to 24th April: Investigating Each Moment with Awareness & Wisdom.                At Rivendell retreat Centre in Sussex.



21st May to 2nd June: meditation retreat at Vajraloka retreat centre, North Wales.

Vajraloka Retreats


26th June to 5th July: Uncontrived Mindfulness: from Awareness to Wisdom.              A meditation retreat for Order Members at Taraloka, Shropshire.



25th September to 2nd October: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Rivendell retreat centre.



6th to 13th November: The Play of Now – exploring movement and stillness in body, mind and heart. Jayachitta & Vajradevi at Dhanakosa retreat centre, Scotland.






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