Teaching dates



15th February to 24th February: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat. At Vajraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales.


15th to 22nd March: Dancing the Unknown. Supporting Jayachitta on her movement improvisation and meditation week. At Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Scotland.


Check out Jayachitta’s website and other events she’s running this year.



Friday 5th April to Friday 12th April: Where Love Meets Wisdom – meditation week. At Rivendell Retreat Centre, Sussex.



Friday 26th April to Thursday 2nd May: Pathways to the Beautiful Mind. A non-residential Rainy Season Retreat at Bristol Buddhist Centre.


Saturday 20th July: Day retreat ‘Awareness to Wisdom’ at Leeds Buddhist Centre.


Sunday 21st July: Day retreat ‘Awareness to Wisdom’ at Manchester Buddhist Centre.


21st and 22nd September: Weekend non-residential retreat at Cardiff Buddhist Centre.


27th September to 4th October: The Beautiful Mind – meditation week. At Rivendell Retreat Centre, Sussex.



20th to 29th December: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Metta Vihara, Netherlands.


(most of the programme is in Dutch but if you scroll down to the retreat you’ll find info in English)




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