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2020 Dates

9th to 15th February Pathways to the Beautiful Mind. At The Barn on Sharpham Estate in Devon.



28th February to 6th March: Awareness to Wisdom. At Dhanakosa retreat centre, Scotland.



13th to 21st March: When Awareness Becomes Natural. Vajradevi & Alexis Santos. A vipassana retreat in a delightfully quirky Inn in south western Finland.

Silent Insight Meditation Retreat 13.-21.3.2020 in Kruusila, Finland: Alexis Santos and Vajradevi


17th to 24th April: Investigating Each Moment with Awareness & Wisdom.                At Rivendell retreat Centre in Sussex.



21st May to 2nd June: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Vajraloka retreat centre, North Wales.

Vajraloka Retreats


26th June to 5th July: Uncontrived Mindfulness: from Awareness to Wisdom.              A meditation retreat for Order Members at Taraloka, Shropshire.



Sunday 20th September – Day retreat at Birmingham Buddhist Centre.


25th September to 2nd October: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Rivendell retreat centre.



17th & 18th October – weekend retreat at the Manchester Buddhist Centre.


6th to 13th November: The Play of Now – exploring movement and stillness in body, mind and heart. Jayachitta & Vajradevi at Dhanakosa retreat centre, Scotland.





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